Bonus Wagering Requirements Explained

Bonus Wagering Requirements Explained

The most popular words after jackpot in the gambling world are most definitely promotions and bonuses. Both can either make or break your day.

The most popular words after jackpot in the gambling world are most definitely promotions and bonuses. There is no quality gambling site without some kind of welcome package or deposit bonus to make your day.

One of the things you need to learn when it comes to bonuses is to control yourself and not let yourself be drawn by the huge amounts. Before you choose a bonus make sure you check all the terms and conditions.

Some of them may not be suitable for you so you can end up making a deposit and never get a cent of the offer or you won’t be able to play your favourite games because the bonus is eligible for only several of the titles.

Wagering Requirements In Short

In gambling world nothing comes for free so be sure that no casino will give money and let you get away with it unscathed. You will have to offer something in return for all the money they’re giving you.

Most inexperienced players never bother reading terms and conditions and they find themselves trapped when they ask to cash out because that’s the first time they bump into wagering requirements.

This represents the amount you have to wager if you wish to be eligible to make a withdrawal of any potential winnings. These can go from x12 to x60 of your bonus amount or your deposit amount or both.

There’s no universal rule to follow and every casino choose it for itself. We are giving you several tips on how to clear all these bonuses successfully.

Clearing The Bonuses

The most important thing when it comes to clearing the bonus is to make a slight change in tactics. You need to keep spinning the money and minimize your losses as much as possible until you meet the required amount. Forget all the bulletproof strategies you may have heard about and remember that this is all about odds.

First thing you need to do is choose small house edge like Blackjack where you can lower this percentage to 0.4% if you apply the correct strategy. However, not all casinos allow Blackjack for clearing the bonus so make sure you choose the promotions that do.

The games in which you can lower the house edge with the good strategy are Baccarat, Hold Em, Craps and Video Poker. The worst choice for cleaning these bonuses is Pokies, American Roulette and Caribbean Poker, which can have a big house edge.

Playing Tips

You need to play on small stakes because you’ll avoid potential loss from variance or bad run. Start with amounts that are about 1% of your bankroll. If your wagering requirement is high then you shouldn’t waste time by playing a bunch of hands at AU$1 stake because it will take too much time. Try to up your stakes to the border of your tolerance risk.

The most important thing is to be highly disciplined and avoid all of those crazy strategies that promise you to earn thousands in a few hours. So, play safe and smart and stick to your chosen game and strategy regardless of anything.

If you hit a losing streak don’t up your stakes trying to earn back the money because it will make you nervous, up the pressure and it will result in loss of concentration and mistakes which is why you stand to lose all of your bankroll.

Just keep calm, play smart and you’ll have no problem clearing the wagering requirements.


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